The flagship project of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 brings together makers from art and business on an equal footing.


Contents & Goals

The flagship project Makers, Business & Arts of the EEuropäischen Kulturhauptstadt Chemnitz 2025 brings together makers from art and business on an equal footing. Europeans from the cultural and creative industries, emerging and established companies, students and professional partners find new energy and creative strength in collaboration.

Creatives are predestined as partners for innovation and transformation processes. In order for the cultural and creative industries to become the research and development department of medium-sized businesses, offers for cross-industry collaboration are being developed. In addition, artistic thinking and processes are to become effective in research and development processes at an early stage.

In addition to the development of the Stadtwirtschaft als Kreativhof, eight maker hubs with very different profiles are being created in the Kulturregion: from culinary arts to crafts and design, textiles to digital technologies. In these “creative hubs” designers, artists, researchers and companies meet in workshops.

From looking to participating: Guests of the Capital of Culture and region experience culture not only as observers, but can also grasp cultural heritage with their hands: whether in woodturning, lace-making or baking stollen together. Surprising encounters, the discovery of places beyond classic tourist paths and, above all, one’s own creativity are to be stimulated.

The Team of Makers, Business & Arts

MBA__JosephineHage Foto: Johannes Richter

Josephine Hage

Project management

MBA_LisaLaser Foto: Johannes Richter

Lisa Laser

Project Assistance

MBA_NinaRüb Foto: Johannes Richter

Nina Rüb


MBA_StefanieAbelmann Foto: Johannes Richter

Stefanie Abelmann