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Stand 01. Mai 2022

Kreatives Erzgebirge – The industry association of the cultural and creative industries in the Erzgebirge ensures better cooperation between the creative people in the region and promotes the transfer of creative know-how to companies and public institutions. Kreatives Erzgebirge is the only association that strives for cooperation with creatives from the Czech Republic.

The three-member board of the association is committed to the interests of the region’s creative professionals together with its members.

For whom and what does Kreatives Erzgebirge stand up for?

Kreatives Erzgebirge is the industry association of cultural and creative professionals in the Erzgebirge. We represent the actors of the 12 sub-sectors of the cultural and creative industries in the Erzgebirge region. Our core area is the Erzgebirge district.

What distinguishes Kreatives Erzgebirge?

We network cultural and creative professionals in rural areas – sometimes over very long distances. In this way, we offer opportunities for exchange and cooperation and ultimately also a way out of a certain isolation that can quickly result from the distances.

In addition, we network the cultural and creative industries with the economic sectors established in the Erzgebirge as well as with politics and institutions. In doing so, it is important to us to bring our know-how and innovation to companies and to develop the region’s potential economically and socially.

Regular events of Kreatives Erzgebirge

Creative Ore Mountains regulars’ tables:

  • The regulars’ tables primarily serve the internal exchange and networking of the members among each other.
  • once a month alternating digital and analog
  • There is a thematic focus or we invite speakers.

Creative Ore Mountains networking events:

  • At our networking events, we specifically bring together cultural and creative professionals as well as players from business, politics and institutions for a cross-sector exchange. To do this, we choose thematic hooks that appeal equally to the various groups.

Why should cultural and creative professionals join Kreatives Erzgebirge?

We offer cultural and creative professionals an exchange among themselves and cross-industry networking. The high willingness of our members to cooperate with each other is remarkable. With our network, many potential cooperation partners are available for joint projects.


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