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„We are the driving force behind creative topics: Impulse giver, motor and mediator at the same time. With us, ideas get a platform, are heard and turn into something real.“


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Stand 01. Mai 2022

Krea­ti­ves Leip­zig e.V. was founded in 2010 by self-employed people and companies from Leipzig’s creative industries in order to network the multitude of players, to give them a common voice, to work together to strengthen Leipzig as a creative location and to help shape it in the long term. Kreatives Leipzig acts as initiator, cooperation partner and project sponsor.

The new board began its work at the end of March. Six Leipzig creatives work together with the members to promote the interests of the city’s cultural and creative industries.

Who and what does
Kreatives Leipzig advocate for?

  • Kreatives Leipzig e.V. sees itself as the mouthpiece of Leipzig’s cultural and creative industries.
  • We actively work to improve the framework conditions for creative work in the Leipzig city region, promote exchange and find synergies within the industry.
  • To this end, we maintain close contacts with all important municipal and regional players and decision-makers and are thus a strong partner for solo self-employed people and micro and small enterprises in the industry on their way.

What makes Kreatives Leipzig stand out?

We are always in the thick of things. We keep our eyes and ears open and are more than very well networked thanks to our 12 years of experience in association work. We can say that we have already taken on a certain pioneering role. Always keeping the essential in mind, we realize many projects for and with our members, address issues in politics and business and: We move! Our members, the city of Leipzig and thus also us.

Regular events of Kreatives Leipzig

Kreatives Leipzig e.V. Regulars’ Table:

  • Our regularly held regulars’ tables are the stage for our members and interested parties. We look for locations that suit us and where everyone feels comfortable. Because this creates the right atmosphere for entertaining conversations, then we can discuss current topics and have a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas within the industry at eye level.
  • The regulars’ tables of KLeV are always: open-minded, wonderfully relaxed and pluralistic.

Why should cultural and creative professionals join Kreatives Leipzig?

It’s obvious: a strong network inspires and helps ideas become projects. Kreatives Leipzig e.V. links ideas and initiatives in the right places with city administration, politics, companies, the media, other creative professionals and the public.

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