Kreatives Chemnitz

“Whether it’s through design, film and photography, or software, whether it’s in a movie or a book, whether it’s through visual or performing arts, whether it’s press or broadcast or anything in between, our creativity makes us the movers and shakers of tomorrow’s world.”



Stand 01. Mai 2022

Kreatives Chemnitz – the industry association of the cultural and creative industries Chemnitz und Umgebung e. V. was founded in 2013 to promote the acceptance and perception of companies in the cultural and creative industries. The aim is also to network companies to promote economic growth and improve working conditions in the region.

The board of Kreatives Chemnitz consists of six Chemnitz creatives. Together with the members of the association, they look after the interests of cultural and creative professionals in the city and region.

For whom and what does Kreatives Chemnitz stand up for?

Kreatives Chemnitz is committed to networking and supporting local creative professionals. The association wants to make the creative potential that is in this city visible.

Central tasks of Kreatives Chemnitz are:

  • Visibility and networking
    Through website, public relations and series of events, creative professionals have the opportunity to communicate their achievements and actively participate.
  • Consulting
    No matter if start-up, project implementation, financing – Kreatives Chemnitz is happy to advise.
  • Creating framework conditions
    We want to find out what the ideal framework conditions are for a creative and innovative working and living environment and help to implement them by advising policymakers and helping to shape them ourselves.

Kreatives Chemnitz, together with Industrieverein Sachsen 1828 e.V. and c³, is co-organizer of the annual “Maker Faire Sachsen”. Together with the city of Chemnitz, a district manager for the economy/creative economy brings together actors from the cultural and creative industries with other sectors and open spaces in the city and rents out rooms in the Chemnitz “Stadtwirtschaft”.

What distinguishes Kreatives Chemnitz?

We network, advise and shape, are companions for new ideas and open perspectives for cooperations. We advocate for more visibility and appreciation of the industry and offer networking events as well as consultations to support the cultural and creative industries in Chemnitz and the surrounding area productively and sustainably.

Regular events of Kreatives Chemnitz

In the Netzwerkratschlag we meet at different places in Chemnitz and talk to makers, founders and creative people. Always under one main topic.

After an input talk with experts, all visitors have time for intensive networking and getting to know each other.

In addition, the input talks will now also be recorded as a podcast and made available to all those who cannot be there live.

Why should cultural and creative professionals join Kreatives Chemnitz?

Members are featured in the association’s online channels and in the Network Council, and are regularly invited to information and networking events and workshops.


Brückenstraße 13, 09111 Chemnitz

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