Gleisdreieck Leipzig

A new place for music, art and creativity in the south of Leipzig.


Contents & Goals

Leipzig has a diverse, creative and free art and culture scene. With the “Gleisdreieck”, an area in the southern city center could be secured in order to counteract the danger of displacement of the ongoing gentrification as well as housing densification in the Leipzig urban area.

The existence of suitable and affordable spaces in which artists can work, present art and culture to an audience is a fundamental prerequisite for the existence and development of a lively scene.

The Leipzig Club and Cultural Foundation, founded in 2019, has acquired the property of the former Leipzig-Connewitz railroad power plant (from Deutsche Bahn AG), thereby permanently withdrawing it from the real estate market in accordance with its statutes. The buildings and outdoor areas are to be renovated in a way that is as ecologically sustainable as possible and made available for cultural, artistic and creative use in the long term. This site is to provide space for music venues, studios, rehearsal rooms as well as offices and workshops.

With the “Gleisdreieck” project, the Leipzig Club and Cultural Foundation is creating and maintaining important open spaces for art and music, social commitment and practically applied sustainability. The project provides answers to urgent questions of urban development and is also oriented in particular to the integrated urban development concept Leipzig 2030 (INSEK 2030).

The Landesverband der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Sachsen e.V. supports the project in an advisory capacity with its existing know-how and also has a permanent seat on the board of trustees of the Leipzig Club and Culture Foundation.