More visibility, promotion and networking for the cultural and creative industries in Saxony

As a lobby group, the industry association regularly comments on economic policy measures and maintains a close exchange with politicians and administrators in order to represent the needs of the industry in the best possible way and supports the cultural and creative industries in Saxony through a variety of projects.


Diverse support for creative professionals


Together we design a creative Saxony

Members of the Landesverband der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Sachsen e. V. are municipal and regional cultural and creative industries associations in Saxony.

Kreatives Chemnitz supports and networks local creatives, campaigns for better working conditions and makes the city’s creative potential visible.

Kreatives Erzgebirge ensures better cooperation between creative people in the region and promotes the transfer of creative know-how to companies and public institutions.

Wir Gestalten Dresden strengthens public understanding for the performance of the cultural and creative industries and is the direct line to politics and administration.

Kreatives Leipzig e.V. is committed to improving the framework conditions and synergies within Leipzig’s cultural and creative industries.

Logo des Kreativ Kreis Meißen mit schwarzen geometrischen Formen links und der Schrift auf der rechten Seite

Kreativ Kreis Meißen e.V. was founded in 2024 and is currently in the process of expanding.


News from Saxony’s Cultural and Creative Industries Saxony

We regularly inform about the activities of the association as well as important news from the Saxon cultural and creative industries in our newsletter.