A look at Europe, where and why cross-sector collaborations between the cultural and creative industries and small or medium-sized enterprises work well.


Contents & Goals

Since 2020, the pilot project KreativLandTransfer has been pursuing the goal of supporting and sustainably promoting cultural and creative workers in rural areas. Between March 2020 and February 2023, numerous actors in the cultural and creative industries were networked with each other nationwide within the framework of a tandem programme. The resulting knowledge transfer was processed on a knowledge platform and is available to all interested parties beyond the project period.

In the second funding period (until July 2024), the project team of KreativLandTransfer is looking towards Europe and wants to find out in which rural areas cross-sectoral cooperations between the creative industries and small and medium-sized enterprises take place and succeed. These best-practice examples of regional value chains will be made visible on a public database and partly highlighted in podcast and video formats.