Procedure and development of individual strategy papers 

The Regional Strategy Papers in combination with the Transnational Policy Recommendation are now being fine-tuned. Each „InduCCI“ partner formulates strategies for the support and promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in the respective region. The Transnational Policy Recommendation bundles these strategies and links them to the identified needs at the European level. For the development of the individual theses, which are published in the documents, the project partners included the respective findings from 2 years of „InduCCI“.

At this point, we would like to summarize once again what has happened in the „InduCCI“ project and take a look at what still lies ahead.

1. Regional and European Analyses of the Cultural and Creative Industries

First and foremost were the analyses of the regions and at the European level, in which the project partners focused on their individual status quo with regard to topics and needs related to cultural and creative industries. Questions such as:

  • Are there cultural and creative industries in our region? 
  • Are they already networked with local industries? and 
  • What are the needs of local cultural and creative industries? 

are made available to regional decision-making bodies in the form of a document (to be found with the name „What about Regional CCI Policies“ as “Output document on the „InduCCI“ website). The analysis on the European level was written by us as a quality assurance partner and focuses on institutions of the EU that are already committed to the Cultural and Creative Industries, which strategy papers exist on the European level in the field of the promotion of cultural and creative industries (CCI) and which EU projects and networks deal with the topic of CCI (in industrial regions).

2. Training of administrative staff

Another task was to inform the employees of the regional administrative offices about the needs of the Cultural and Creative Industries and to identify common interfaces between the two areas in order to simplify or even initiate possible cooperation in the coming years. 

3. Implementation of various pilot actions

In a final step, the project partners were encouraged to implement individual ideas for better linking cultural and creative industries with industrial companies and society as mini-projects. Newsflash#5 provides background information on our pilot projects Labor 2025 and Werkschau 2021 in Chemnitz. 

All findings from these previous work steps will be incorporated into the design of the Regional Strategy Papers as well as the Transnational Policy Recommendation. By the end of the year, all these documents will be finalized so that they can be presented to important (political) decision makers in spring 2022. We will keep you informed in this regard!

The e–Toolbox as a toolbox for other regions

Finally, there is one last question within the project: How can other industrial regions benefit from the individual „InduCCI“ findings and make use of them? In the form of a website, we are currently working on a clear presentation of the approaches to bringing together cultural and creative industries, industry and society in industrial regions. In it, the project results will be presented in a practical way and made available for use after the end of the project. The collection contains best practices, lessons learned and recommendations in the form of checklists, interviews, links, & small guides. You can get a first impression of the pre-final version here. In spring 2022 the website will be ready.


InduCCI: 6. Project Partner Meeting (Online, November 2021)


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