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WerkSchau – Made in Saxony

At the beginning of May, the InduCCI test case WerkSchau 2021 – „Made in Saxony“ closed its doors in Chemnitz city centre. The organising team (Marxmaid, SACCI, KREATIVES SACHSEN) wanted to show the broad spectrum of the cultural and creative industries in the region and make it accessible to visitors. Despite the incidence then, it was possible to give an insight into the exhibition – e.g. with changing shop window presentations. Thanks to the permitted opening over two weeks, the WerkSchau with exhibits by more than 150 creative artists from the region was safely possible via a hygiene concept and ticketing system. The great supporting programme containing panel discussions on the Days of European Arts and Crafts, the series of events „3hoch3 – Industry, Science and Creative Industries in Conversation“, in which Chemnitz projects and companies were examined under the aspect of the extent to which industry, research and creative enterprises can advance each other, as well as the shop window concerts as part of the classical music week, also inspired numerous participants. What remains is a grateful team that was able to realise the exhibition thanks to the excellent cooperation with the actors from the Cultural and Creative Industries, as well as curious citizens from Chemnitz and the surrounding area who showed great interest in what was happening behind the windows of the exhibition Werkschau „Made in Saxony“. Finally, the closing event with the Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, Martin Dulig, and the Werkschau patron and Chemnitz Mayor Sven Schulze made it clear once again how important the Cultural and cCreative Industries are, not least in the Chemnitz area.
We would like to share a few impressions of the WerkSchau 2021 – „Made in Saxony“ here and hope that the region’s Cultural and Creative Industries will remain visible in the future. Many thanks to all involved!

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digital exhibition opening
closing event

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exhibits and exhibitors Gallery of KREATIVES SACHSEN

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Labor 2025

For one week in March, the association Klub Solitaer e.V. invited students and postgraduates to Chemnitz on behalf of the InduCCI project for Labor 2025 – a project to link art and research. The focus was on materials research and intelligent materials. The workshops were developed by artists in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (Fraunhofer IWU), the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (Fraunhofer ENAS) and the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI). They linked technologies, machines and processes of the institutes with artistic concepts and processes and explored possible interfaces as well as aesthetic-practical implementations.

Due to the prevailing contact restrictions, the workshop in cooperation with the Fraunhofer ENAS took place in virtual space. A positive side effect was that the artists were given a virtual tour of the institute’s „clean room“, which under normal circumstances would never have been accessible to visitors. It was precisely this tour through the room and the explanations of the individual machines and working methods that aroused the artists‘ interest. Following the workshop week, they worked on the narrative aspects of the tour, the so-called „proxy“ methods, and developed a series of technical documents that facilitate the imagination of processes and systems in the production of micro- and nano-devices. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer IWU, participants focused on augmented reality technology and had personal sensory objects captured in 3D. In the third workshop in cooperation with the STFI, the designers tested various possibilities for processing and transforming flowable materials. This resulted in various products and ideas on how these materials can still be used. 

The subsequent exhibitions of the results in the gallery „Glaskasten Druckstock“ in Chemnitz and in the Ars Electronica Center in Linz were excitingly prepared and accompanied by a joint digital opening in the Ars Electronica and individual videos about the creation of the exhibits.

The Labor 2025 represents a first step for project ideas that will be launched within the framework of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025. The project „Makers, Business & Arts MBA25“ brings together makers from art and business on an equal footing: Europeans from the Cultural and Creative Industries, aspiring and established companies, students and professional partners find new energy and creative strength in collaboration. In this way, „MBA25“ contributes to building a true European community of makers.

Video Links:
Deep Space Live: virtual opening CCI Lab
CCI Lab – Labor der Sinne
CCI Lab – Faserland
Update: CCI Lab – Artistic Recipes & Scientific Protocols

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