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WerkSchau — Made in Saxony

At the begin­ning of May, the InduC­CI test case WerkSchau 2021 — “Made in Sax­ony” closed its doors in Chem­nitz city cen­tre. The organ­is­ing team (Marx­maid, SACCI, KREATIVES SACHSEN) want­ed to show the broad spec­trum of the cul­tur­al and cre­ative indus­tries in the region and make it acces­si­ble to vis­i­tors. Despite the inci­dence then, it was pos­si­ble to give an insight into the exhi­bi­tion — e.g. with chang­ing shop win­dow pre­sen­ta­tions. Thanks to the per­mit­ted open­ing over two weeks, the WerkSchau with exhibits by more than 150 cre­ative artists from the region was safe­ly pos­si­ble via a hygiene con­cept and tick­et­ing sys­tem. The great sup­port­ing pro­gramme con­tain­ing pan­el dis­cus­sions on the Days of Euro­pean Arts and Crafts, the series of events “3hoch3 — Indus­try, Sci­ence and Cre­ative Indus­tries in Con­ver­sa­tion”, in which Chem­nitz projects and com­pa­nies were exam­ined under the aspect of the extent to which indus­try, research and cre­ative enter­pris­es can advance each oth­er, as well as the shop win­dow con­certs as part of the clas­si­cal music week, also inspired numer­ous par­tic­i­pants. What remains is a grate­ful team that was able to realise the exhi­bi­tion thanks to the excel­lent coop­er­a­tion with the actors from the Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­tries, as well as curi­ous cit­i­zens from Chem­nitz and the sur­round­ing area who showed great inter­est in what was hap­pen­ing behind the win­dows of the exhi­bi­tion Werkschau “Made in Sax­ony”. Final­ly, the clos­ing event with the Sax­on State Min­is­ter for Eco­nom­ic Affairs, Labour and Trans­port, Mar­tin Dulig, and the Werkschau patron and Chem­nitz May­or Sven Schulze made it clear once again how impor­tant the Cul­tur­al and cCre­ative Indus­tries are, not least in the Chem­nitz area.
We would like to share a few impres­sions of the WerkSchau 2021 — “Made in Sax­ony” here and hope that the region’s Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­tries will remain vis­i­ble in the future. Many thanks to all involved!

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dig­i­tal exhi­bi­tion open­ing
clos­ing event

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exhibits and exhibitors Gallery of KREATIVES SACHSEN

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Labor 2025

For one week in March, the asso­ci­a­tion Klub Soli­taer e.V. invit­ed stu­dents and post­grad­u­ates to Chem­nitz on behalf of the InduC­CI project for Labor 2025 — a project to link art and research. The focus was on mate­ri­als research and intel­li­gent mate­ri­als. The work­shops were devel­oped by artists in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Fraun­hofer Insti­tute for Machine Tools and Form­ing Tech­nol­o­gy (Fraun­hofer IWU), the Fraun­hofer Insti­tute for Elec­tron­ic Nano Sys­tems (Fraun­hofer ENAS) and the Sax­on Tex­tile Research Insti­tute (STFI). They linked tech­nolo­gies, machines and process­es of the insti­tutes with artis­tic con­cepts and process­es and explored pos­si­ble inter­faces as well as aes­thet­ic-prac­ti­cal implementations.

Due to the pre­vail­ing con­tact restric­tions, the work­shop in coop­er­a­tion with the Fraun­hofer ENAS took place in vir­tu­al space. A pos­i­tive side effect was that the artists were giv­en a vir­tu­al tour of the institute’s “clean room”, which under nor­mal cir­cum­stances would nev­er have been acces­si­ble to vis­i­tors. It was pre­cise­ly this tour through the room and the expla­na­tions of the indi­vid­ual machines and work­ing meth­ods that aroused the artists’ inter­est. Fol­low­ing the work­shop week, they worked on the nar­ra­tive aspects of the tour, the so-called “proxy” meth­ods, and devel­oped a series of tech­ni­cal doc­u­ments that facil­i­tate the imag­i­na­tion of process­es and sys­tems in the pro­duc­tion of micro- and nano-devices. In coop­er­a­tion with the Fraun­hofer IWU, par­tic­i­pants focused on aug­ment­ed real­i­ty tech­nol­o­gy and had per­son­al sen­so­ry objects cap­tured in 3D. In the third work­shop in coop­er­a­tion with the STFI, the design­ers test­ed var­i­ous pos­si­bil­i­ties for pro­cess­ing and trans­form­ing flow­able mate­ri­als. This result­ed in var­i­ous prod­ucts and ideas on how these mate­ri­als can still be used. 

The sub­se­quent exhi­bi­tions of the results in the gallery “Glaskas­ten Druck­stock” in Chem­nitz and in the Ars Elec­tron­i­ca Cen­ter in Linz were excit­ing­ly pre­pared and accom­pa­nied by a joint dig­i­tal open­ing in the Ars Elec­tron­i­ca and indi­vid­ual videos about the cre­ation of the exhibits.

The Labor 2025 rep­re­sents a first step for project ideas that will be launched with­in the frame­work of the Cap­i­tal of Cul­ture Chem­nitz 2025. The project “Mak­ers, Busi­ness & Arts MBA25” brings togeth­er mak­ers from art and busi­ness on an equal foot­ing: Euro­peans from the Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­tries, aspir­ing and estab­lished com­pa­nies, stu­dents and pro­fes­sion­al part­ners find new ener­gy and cre­ative strength in col­lab­o­ra­tion. In this way, “MBA25” con­tributes to build­ing a true Euro­pean com­mu­ni­ty of makers.

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