NEWSFLASH #4: Projekt InduCCI – We are right in the middle of it!

With spring in the air, we send you the next update on our European cooperation as project partner at InduCCI. We are halfway through and the project is progressing satisfyingly.

Mid Term Conference

The InduCCI project celebrated a belated halfway party in mid-November 2020, to which our lead partner, CWE Chemnitz, invited with a virtual and public conference. The aim of the conference was to give a broad interest group an insight into the project and to explain project activities that have taken place already.

Mid Term Meeting InduCCI

Photo 1: Photo taken at the MidTerm Meeting during the Energizer „Eye ball yoga“.

InduCCI @ BetaKonferenz

We were pleased to be able to give other creatives and interested parties an insight into our project at the 2020 BetaKonferenz realised by Creative Saxony in Zwickau. Here we presented the topic of promoting the cultural and creative industries in former industrial regions and exchanged ideas with the audience.

InduCCI@Beta Konferenz 2020

Photo 2: Tina Duarte is presenting the InduCCI project at BetaKonferenz 2020,   © Kreatives Sachsen

Regional CCI policy papers and transnational recommendation

Our project partners are currently formulating measures for political bodies and other decision-makers for their regions, taking into account the respective local conditions. In doing so, they are building a bridge to their regional analyses in order to find solutions for the political shortcomings for the cultural and creative industries in their region. The CWE project colleagues from Chemnitz focus on three measures in their regional CCI policy paper:

  1. Rethinking industry: culture and creativity as engines for the future
  2. KreativMINT: Expanding creativity in education, especially with a focus on technology
  3. Building capacity: More knowledge, more networking, more scope for action

After completion of all regionally individual measures, it is up to us as project partners to take them up and integrate them into a transnational strategy paper. Intended as a strategic CCI policy recommendation, the results will flow into a guideline for other industrial regions in Central and Eastern Europe. After completion, the paper will be available in English at the end of 2020 and can be downloaded from

Evaluation of the regional CCI trainings for administrative staff

At the end of January 2021, we invited the project partners to exchange information about the regional CCI trainings for administrations in a virtual workshop. The regional trainings focused on raising awareness and visibility of the respective cultural and creative economy scene, but also on networking and promoting existing cooperation between regional and local administrations and CCI actors. 

Due to contact restrictions in the respective regions, only 3 out of 7 partners have been able to implement their training so far. Nevertheless, the exchange between the partners was successful and important. The feedback from our partners was consistently positive. All participants got suggestions, got current insights and networked. The remaining 4 partners are planning to implement their training this spring. The documentation of the training will be available as output documents at

Test case: Labor 2025

From 08.03.21 to 19.03.21, the Klub Solitaer invited participants to the „Funkenakademie“ in the frame of the InduCCI project. In three digital workshops, students and graduates together with three Chemnitz research institutions examined the field of tension between art and technology. The content of the three workshops was developed by three artists in cooperation with the institutes and aimed to discover possible interfaces and to explore further aesthetic-practical implementation. The resulting exhibits will be shown in May at the „Ars Electronica Center“ in Linz (Austria).

Funkenakademie Klub Solitaer

Photo 3: Workshops of Funkenakademie – Labor 2025, @Klub Solitaer

Test case: Werkschau

Under the motto „Made in Saxony“, products, artworks and ideas from around 150 Saxon artists and creative companies will be on display directly behind the Karl Marx Monument in downtown Chemnitz from March 26 to May 2 2021.
Taking into account the Corona protection regulations prevailing on site, visitors can marvel at the diversity and creative potential of the region during this time from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 6 pm each day. It is requested to book tickets in advance, the entrance is free. Whether the exhibition opens to visitors will depend on the current incidence of corona. For more information, please visit KREATIVES SACHSEN.

Werkschau 2021


What contents and experiences can the InduCCI project partners transfer to other similarly structured industrial regions in the EU? In an e-toolbox, we as project partner will bring project results via a toolbox. The collection of best practices, lessons learned and recommendations will be completed by the end of 2021. The toolbox will contain checklists, interviews, links and small guides. At the moment we are working closely on the structure of the toolbox and are developing a transfer concept. Be prepared! 


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