New employee

Since Jan­u­ary 15th, Tina Duarte has been work­ing for InduC­CI on behalf of the Region­al Asso­ci­a­tion Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­try Sax­ony, along­side Katrin Weber. She brings her expe­ri­ence in coor­di­na­tion and organ­i­sa­tion to the project and sup­ports as an edu­ca­tion­al con­sul­tant in the cre­ation of our admin­is­tra­tion train­ing for the admin­is­tra­tive level.

Regional analyses of the cultural and creative industries and their stakeholders

The project part­ners have almost com­plet­ed their analy­ses of the sta­tus of the cul­tur­al and cre­ative indus­tries in their region. The analy­ses based on var­i­ous ques­tions: How is the cul­tur­al and cre­ative econ­o­my defined in the part­ners region? Is it defined dif­fer­ent­ly to the def­i­n­i­tion of CCI on EU lev­el? Which CCI and indus­tri­al sec­tors are rep­re­sent­ed in each region? How many solo entre­pre­neurs or (micro-) enter­pris­es are locat­ed in each region? Are there already stud­ies that focused on the cre­ative indus­tries? Which oppor­tu­ni­ties arise for the region with the coop­er­a­tion and fos­ter­ing of CCI?

2nd Project partner meeting in Linz, Austria

From Novem­ber 25th — 27th the Region­al Asso­ci­a­tion Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­try Sax­ony took part in the sec­ond part­ner meet­ing in Linz, Aus­tria. Three days were filled with the­mat­ic work­shops and direct exchange as well as time to see the region in the con­text of study trips. Dur­ing the meet­ing, we col­lect­ed feed­back from part­ners for their region­al analy­ses and ideas for the admin­is­tra­tive train­ing so we could start design­ing the train­ing scheme. Fur­ther­more we talked about the cur­rent sta­tus of the focus groups of each region and what is planned for the next focus group meet­ing. Fur­ther­more, all part­ners pre­sent­ed their ideas for their pilot actions. In sum­ma­ry, the per­son­al meet­ing was a great chance to get togeth­er again and dis­cuss details on InduC­CI actions. The direct exchange is quite impor­tant for our joint work and we are already look­ing for­ward to the next meet­ing on 6th ‑8th Juli 2020 at the Third InduC­CI part­ner meet­ing, host­ing at the part­ner Region­al Devel­op­ment Agency in Biel­sko-Biala (ARRSA), Poland.

Projektpartner InduCCI

Ste­bo Com­pe­tence Cen­tre Com­mu­ni­ty Devel­op­ment, Project Part­ner in Linz

Admin­is­tra­tion train­ing and e‑learning module

One of the biggest chal­lenges for cul­tur­al and cre­ative work­ers are rigid struc­tures in admin­is­tra­tive insti­tu­tions and author­i­ties. Com­ing togeth­er and work­ing with each oth­er may not always be easy. The Region­al Asso­ci­a­tion Cul­tur­al and Cre­ative Indus­try Sax­ony knows from expe­ri­ence that coop­er­a­tion results in a suc­cess­ful work of cre­atives in the future and stim­u­lates a city in trans­for­ma­tion. InduC­CI con­tributes to the under­stand­ing of the needs of the cul­tur­al and cre­ative indus­tries and wants to ensure that these needs are tak­en into account on admin­is­tra­tive lev­el. The first step in this process is to get to know each oth­er and to enter into an exchange. In order to share this expe­ri­ence to our project part­ners, we devel­op a schemat­ic train­ing con­cept, which makes it pos­si­ble that CCI and staff from admin­is­tra­tive insti­tu­tions get to know each oth­er per­son­al­ly and which ensures that the needs of cul­tur­al and cre­ative pro­fes­sion­als remain present at admin­is­tra­tive level.

The exem­plary train­ing for­mat has already been sent to the project part­ners. From now all part­ners imple­ment their region­al train­ing to bring the admin­is­tra­tive staff togeth­er with the cul­tur­al and cre­ative work­ers. To ensure that this exchange is sus­tain­able, SACCI is also work­ing on a vir­tu­al learn­ing train­ing for admin­is­tra­tive staff. We we will make this e‑learning mod­ule avail­able to the project partners. 

After a pub­lic ten­der Chem­me­dia AG was com­mis­sioned to pro­vide us with their learn­ing man­age­ment sys­tem “Knowl­edge Work­er”. It is up to us now to com­plete and present the vir­tu­al course at the next part­ner meeting. 

Pilot action “Labor 2025” — Arts meet Technology

Chem­nitz as a clas­si­cal indus­tri­al city appears to many cre­ative minds in the region as unat­trac­tive. How­ev­er, the InduC­CI project has tak­en up the cause that Chem­nitz has great inno­va­tion poten­tial pre­cise­ly because of its image as an indus­tri­al city cou­pled with its live­ly cre­ative scene.

The pilot action “Labor 2025” wants to bring cre­ative peo­ple togeth­er with tech­nol­o­gy pio­neers and sci­ence to work on cur­rent social and soci­etal issues that have arisen with­in a chang­ing indus­tri­al struc­tur­al change. Fur­ther­more the pilot action has the aim to inten­si­fy the pub­lic dis­course on the future of indus­try and indus­tri­al soci­eties. The stim­u­la­tion of new think­ing, to bring cre­ative and tech­no­log­i­cal research insti­tutes and com­pa­nies into direct con­tact, to joint­ly devel­op a course pro­gramme for cre­ative peo­ple and thus make high tech­nol­o­gy acces­si­ble. The devel­oped cours­es will be out­stand­ing from the offers of oth­er (art-) uni­ver­si­ties in the coun­try and offer cre­ative peo­ple in the region of Chem­nitz the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fur­ther edu­cate and devel­op their own artis­tic and cre­ative approaches.

Klub Solitaer

After a suc­cess­ful ten­der, the Chem­nitz-based asso­ci­a­tion Klub Soli­taer e.V. was com­mis­sioned to design and imple­ment the pilot action. Klub Soli­taer e.V. has been imple­ment­ing numer­ous renowned cul­tur­al offers in Chem­nitz since 2010 and has been con­tribut­ing to the vis­i­bil­i­ty of cre­ative and cul­tur­al work­ers for years. Fur­ther­more, Klub Soli­taer e.V. in Chem­nitz pro­vides sev­er­al rooms for artis­tic work.

The prac­ti­cal imple­men­ta­tion of the pilot action is to be realised in the style of a pub­lic sum­mer acad­e­my with a sub­se­quent exhi­bi­tion. In coop­er­a­tion with the ENAS Fraun­hofer Insti­tut Chem­nitz and the Sax­on Tex­tile Research Insti­tute, Klub Soli­taer e.V. is plan­ning sev­er­al work­shops that will pro­vide the pub­lic with insights into artis­tic and tech­ni­cal inter­faces that are oth­er­wise dif­fi­cult to access. So you may be curi­ous! Please do not hes­i­tate con­tact­ing Mandy Knospe and Robert Verch from Klub Soli­taer e.V.

Pilot action “CCI Showcase”

Our sec­ond pilot action will be a pub­lic pop-up store, where prod­ucts and ser­vices of cul­tur­al and cre­ative peo­ple from the Chem­nitz region will be pre­sent­ed. More infor­ma­tion on this will be avail­able in the next Newsflash.

The next News­flash #3 is com­ing August/September 2020.
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